About Us

Our Philosophy

At Sherwood Community Kindergarten, we believe that:

  • It is within the early years that the foundations for success in life and learning are built, and this generally commences in the child’s home, where the parents/carers are the primary educator.

  • An early childhood program for young children should provide a rich bank of experiences from which the children can learn to make sense of their world and the world around them.

  • Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things. Children learn through collaboration with adults and peers, through guided participation and observation of others, as well as through individual exploration and reflection.

  • The child’s surroundings and the resources available to them is an essential part of learning through play. Providing opportunities to nurture the environment, share and connect with friends, explore, and discover are all part of learning through play. These experiences enrich children’s lives and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to connect, explore and develop through learning.

  • Meaningful partnerships are encouraged between families and the community, so that children can learn to appreciate the unique community groups that exist in our society, just as we celebrate the unique qualities amongst our children.

  • It is important to recognise children’s past, present and future learning experiences. An effective early childhood curriculum empowers each child to learn and grow, and the starting block for building the curriculum is with the child.

  • Each child has unique skills, knowledge, and suite of experiences, and that children come with built in competence, capability and resourcefulness.

  • Children’s learning benefits from the presence, support and interaction of adults who are open to their ideas, respect their opinions and listen and share their learning journey.

  • Groups of children may require additional consideration and specialist knowledge, and our centre strives to meet the needs of all children.

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Our Kindergarten Day

Sherwood Community Kindergarten operates two Kindy groups of up to 22 children in each group, over a five-day fortnight, during Queensland state school terms.

Red Apple Group
Attends - Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday
Program Times - 8.45am - 2.45pm

Green Apple Group
Attends - Alternate Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Program Times - 8.45am - 2.45pm

All our teaching staff are highly qualified early childhood educators. Each group has an assistant to provide support to the teacher and children to further enhance the children's early learning experience.

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Our environment

Our well equipped and maintained centre has a beautiful picturesque environment with plenty of leafy shaded areas and space for the children to play and learn. We have a large climbing structure, a fairy garden, grass hut, sand play area, mud and water play area and a large covered verandah.  It is a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment that we are very proud of. We invite you to come and have a look around.

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