Our Staff

Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers and assistants are highly qualified in early childhood education. Our staff love their work and are continually fostering positive and supportive relationships with the children and their families. 

All staff have current First Aid, CPR and Epipen/Anaphylaxis & Asthma Management training.

In addition, we have dedicated staff for children with additional needs.

Claire Duffield

IMG 20170329 092917Mrs Claire Duffield is the Director at Sherwood Community Kindergarten. Claire graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) in 1992 and Bachelor of Education in 1996, both from the Queensland University of Technology. Claire has worked in the state preschool system, taught Nursery classes in the UK and worked as a teacher and director in private and community childcare centres. Claire began teaching at our Sherwood Kindy in 2005.

Mrs Kaye Stuart

Kaye  Stewart 0456 WEB

Mrs Kaye Stuart is our Teacher for both the Red and Green apple group at Sherwood Community Kindergarten. Kaye has worked within kindergartens, community centres and schools in both Australia and the UK and has extensive experience in C&K centres throughout Brisbane. Kaye holds both a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood.

Mrs Margie Konza


Mrs Margie Konza is the Teaching Assistant for our Green apple group at Sherwood Community Kindergarten. Margie has worked at the Centre since June 2021 and has a Certificate III in Childcare and Education.
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Anne Juillerat

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Mrs Anne Juillerat is the Teaching Assistant for the Red Apple Group at Sherwood Community Kindergarten. Anne has recently completed her Certificate III in Childcare and Education, however has worked at our Kindy as an Inclusion Support Assistant for over 6 years. Anne has a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational teaching and has previously delivered perceptual motor programs in educational settings.

Korryne Koehlitz

Admin  Korryne  Far
Mrs Korryne Koehlitz is the Administrative Officer at Sherwood Community Kindergarten. Korryne has been a parent at the Kindy since 2012 and has contributed in a variety of volunteer roles. Prior to working at our kindy, Korryne has worked in both marketing and administrative positions. Korryne holds a Bachelor of Business degree and is a mum to three children, all of who have attended Sherwood Kindy.