Be Involved

We would love your family to become part of our family

We welcome and encourage all families to become part of our kindergarten. Your involvement in the education of your child is also integral to the kindy. Partnerships between parents and staff are vital for effective learning of the children and we will support you to participate however we can.

There are many ways to become involved in kindy from spending the day at kindy with your child on the Parent Roster, helping with maintaining our grounds, joining our Management Committee or attending one of the lovely social events we hold.

Remember, you are welcome any time, for any length of time. This is your kindergarten.

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Management Committee

The management committee of the Sherwood Community Kindergarten Inc. is responsible for the finance, maintenance and management of the Centre.  The Committee employs staff, makes decisions about the day-to-day issues that affect the Centre, based on the best interest and welfare of the children attending the Centre.  The committee meet every month, and each year a new Committee is elected from the Association members (parents of children attending that year).

Our current Committee include the following positions:

  • President -
  • Vice President -
  • Secretary -
  • Treasurer -
  • Maintenance Officer -
  • Policy Officer -
  • Social Convenor (Red Apple group) -
  • Social Convenor (Green Apple group) -
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